TeaTV APK 10.2r Version | Download Latest TeaTV for Android [MAY 2020]

TeaTv Apk Download – Searching TeaTV apk for quite a while and found nothing? This website is the destination all you need! TeaTV is an online streaming application for watching HD movies, TV shows and live TV streaming available for all patforms including android,iOS and PC.

Here in this article, information regarding download of latest TeaTV 10.2r version on your android, iOS, Firestick , PC with emulators and other devices, has been provided with detailed descriptions about the features and installations.


TeaTV 10.2r version APK features

TeaTV a third-party streaming application is one of the best online streaming application for accessing content of premium streaming sites for free. It is available for wide range of devices and platforms including android and ios for smartphones, Amazon Firestick, Settup Boxes and for SmartTVs that supports android.

This apk includes following features in comparsion to other competitve streaming services in the game :

  • TeaTV APK supports all android enabled devices.
  • It is 100% virus free so no trouble in downloading Teatv for your suitable device
  • Available for PC with emulators to extend accessibility
  • Clean and easy-to-use User interface
  • HD movies and TV shows with no streaming cost
  • Bufferless service with unlimited watching time
  • Includes premium access to features including downloading of movies and TV shows
  • Also available for any android device such as Amazon Fire Stick, Smart TV, Nvidia Shield, Abox A4, WeTek Core,etc
  • Multiple Player Support for accessing third party video player
  • Multiple Language Support for streaming services in different languages

TeaTV 10.2r version is the latest version of TeaTv available for streaming bufferless streaming services of movies,TV shows and live TV streaming. This blog will give you AtoZ review for TeaTV with links to download TeaTV for different devices.


Download TeaTV APK for Android smartphones

You can easily download TeaTV apk for your android smartphones and install it with following instructions 

download teatv latest

Here you can get the instructions for installations of latest version of TeaTV apk 10.2r and links for downloading it.

TeaTV Installation For Android Devices

  • First of all you need to download the latest version of TeaTv apk 10.2r provided in the link given below
  • After downloading it successfully on your android smartphone, go to your mobile “Settings” > “Additional Settings” > “Device Administration
  • You would be seeing unknown source toggle button in device administrative screen. Allow it by setting it to right.
  • After completing all the above steps you can successfully install TeaTv 10.2r apk and enjoy the unlimited online streaming service on your android smartphone.


App Name Tea TV
Version 10.2r
Category Entertainment
Platform Android, Firestick, Windows
Size 21.43 MB
App Downloads 1 Million+
Last Updated January 2020


Size – 21.43 MB



What’s New of version 10.2r :

  • More channel providers added
  • Fixed bugs for titanium video player
  • Added support chat system
  • Updated icons


Download TeaTV APK version 10.1 :


APK for TeaTV 10.1

Changelog :

  • Fixed TMDB channel 202


Download TeaTV APK version 10.0 :


APK for TeaTV 10.0


  • Solved broken providers
  • New resolvers added
  • TMDB Lists added


Download TeaTV APK version 9.9r :


Download APK for TeaTV 9.9r

Changelog :

  • Added direct links to data servers


Link for TeaTV APK version 9.9 :


Download APK for TeaTV 9.9


Link for TeaTV APK version 9.8 :


APK for TeaTV 9.8

Changelog :

  • Fixed TD links
  • Fixed TV channel providers section


TeaTV APK version 9.6 :


APK for TeaTV 9.6

Changelog :

  • Fixed preview section
  • Updated UI design


TeaTV APK version 9.5.2 :


APK for TeaTV 9.5.2


Link for TeaTV APK version 9.5.1 :

TeaTV 9.5.1


Changelog :

  • Fixed RD links
  • Debris issues solved
  • New UI development and providers added


TeaTV APK version 9.5 :

Download APK for TeaTV 9.5



For iOS (iPhone/iPad) Users : Download Latest Titanium TV ( get it from Tweak box app or BlueStacks app)

Firestick users : Download latest apk 10.2r for firestick

SMART TV users : Download teatv app from here.

FOR PC : Download latest TeaTV app file from here.


FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. What is TeaTV ?

Teatv is a third-party online streaming application for latest HD movies, TV shows and live TV streaming available totally free for devices including android smartphones,android SmartTVs, iOS smartphones, Amazon Firestick and PCs with emulator.

Q. Is this app free of virus and safe to use?

Yes, TeaTv comes with ultra-protective anti-virus shields to prevent any attack of malware or virus of any sort whatsoever. As a result, we get virus free experience with most secured protocols used for safer and smooth user experience.

Q. Which of the devices support TeaTV?

TeaTv support Android above 4.4.3 or Windows above 7. It also supports Amazon Firestick and Android SmartTVs.

Q. Is there any other TV app available?

There are several apps available online but I recommend you to try TeaTV its one of the best in its niche and is the ultimate solution to other online streaming services.




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